Why hire an event planner for corporate events?

corporate event planner

Hosting a corporate event is not easy. You need to make sure every single detail of your event is planned and executed right. Event planning requires a host of decisions to be made at the right time, from choosing the perfect venue to planning the whole program to other related factors such as food, parking […]

Explain the Impact of Typography on Effective Website Design

Impact of Typography on Effective Website Design

A website without planned typography is like a chaotic mess where texts are unreadable, not the correct font size or color, or blend with the background. Typography is the arrangement of letters to make the content visually appealing to the readers. It’s not just an aesthetic part of website design, but typography has a huge role to play, impacting […]

Google SGE a top threat to brand and product terms? Explained!

Google SGE

Google makes a constant effort to keep updating itself to improve user experience. Google’s main motive is to find new ways of showing personalized search results so that users can easily and quickly find whatever information they are looking for. Now, the main problem is that marketers may find it harder for their brand or […]

Benefits of internal link in the SEO: Strategies & Best Practices

internal link in the SEO

What are internal links? Internal links are elements of a website that helps users navigate from one webpage to another from the same site, without having to search those pages separately. Internal links are of various types, although they serve the same purpose. There are contextual links that content creators usually place somewhere within the […]

What is NLP for modern SEO? A Full Guide

NLP for modern SEO

What is NLP? A Basic Understanding: NLP or Natural Language Processing is a part of AI or Artificial Intelligence. It basically makes it easier for computers to understand human language better. NLP can comprehend natural human language whether text or voice. Modern search engines such as Google depend highly on NLP to comprehend searches and […]

Why a website is important for your business? Everything you need to know.

Website for business

Technology has provided benefits to the world. Now, by sitting at home, we can book anything online, and it gets delivered to our door from our comfort zone. Search engines and businesses have sorted out our lives. Do you know the reason why? It has become possible with the help of Tim Berners-Lee, a British […]

A complete Guide: What are the benefits of using White Hat SEO Techniques?

White Hat SEO Techniques

In this digital world, every business dreams of ranking at the top of search engine result pages. The growth of digitalization has impacted human life a lot. For every small query, we ask questions from search engines like Google and Bing. And to answer these questions, all businesses post some articles and blogs, and even […]

Top 50 Search Engines


What are the top 50 search engines and uses? Up until now, the history of search engines has been incredible. The first search engine was launched in 1990 and was known as Archie. Archie was invented by Alan Emtage. With the advent of digitalization, there are now around 50 top search engines in existence. Search […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in SEO Services

seo company in india

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of many businesses. In this digital world, one must know all the latest trends and hacks for businesses. SEO boosts the visibility of your business website. There are two types of SEO: On-page SEO Off-page SEO In simple terms, on-page SEO is a set of strategies […]