Your beautifully filtered photos will soon have companions within your Instagram feed.

Instagram announced on Thursday that the company will bring advertisements to the photo-sharing app in the near future, and frankly, it’s surprising it took this long. Unlike Facebook’s famous mantra, “Move fast and break things,” its subsidiary Instagram seems to be taking a slightly more subtle approach.

“Seeing photos and videos from brands you don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow,” the company wrote on its blog. “We’ll focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.”

Facebook has capitalized on mobile ads over the past nine months — the company’s mobile ads brought in $655 million last quarter alone — and now Instagram will look to do the same. Instagram says it will do its best to make the ads blend in with the content users already see, and it will be in the best interest of advertisers to ensure their ads feel natural within the platform. Facebook’s mobile ads have done well for the company’s pocketbook, but some users have complained to Mashable that they can be overbearing or irrelevant.

No matter how well Instagram’s upcoming ads look, though, they are still ads, and the impact on user experience is hard to predict. So what do you think? Will Instagram ads be a dud, or will they offer valuable content to your Instagram feed?


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