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How to Create a Wikipedia Page ?

Today all the people search: How to create a Wikipedia Page ?

Well, let’s first know what is Wikipedia ?

Wikipedia is the largest web-based encyclopedia and has been around for almost 10 years.  It has become a household name.  Wikipedia is a collaboration of member volunteers all across the world that write and manage over 16 million articles.  Articles range in topics from an apple, to your favorite celebrities, to the biggest corporations in the world.

Wikipedia is a unique encyclopedia in that anyone who is a member is able to write and edit the content of almost any article.  After an article is submitted, Wikipedia reviews it and makes sure what you are posting is reliable, non-biased, and not a form of advertisement. When doing a Google search, one of the top results normally is from Wikipedia.  If you are interested in making a Wikipedia Page for you, here are some general guidelines on writing an article for Wikipedia.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page

How to write a Wikipedia Article:

1. If you don’t have a Wikipedia account already, create one by going to www.wikipedia.org and clicking “Log in/create account” in the top right hand corner.

2. Once you have a Wikipedia account you can get started on an article. After signing in to your account you will be taken to a page that says “Login Successful”.  Scroll down and click on the link at the end of “For help using Wikipedia, see our help page”.

3. Here you can read all the help articles you want about Wikipedia, from its “Policies” to “How to Edit Wikipedia Articles”.

4. If you want to create an article for your bed and breakfast or company, search for it first to see if one hasn’t already been created.

5. If it has not been created, go back to the “Wikipedia Help” page and click on “Getting Started – An Introduction”.

6. We suggest you get familiarized with Wikipedia and its terms before you begin creating pages. This will save you time in the end and will
help you create better articles.  Once you feel comfortable on Wikipedia continue to the next step.

7. Click on “Article Wizard” on the newly opened Contents of the “Getting Started” page. This will take you through a wizard on what you need to know and do to create a new article.

8. This will take you through a wizard on what you need to know and do to create a new article.

9. Once you feel familiar there is a tab on the “Article Wizard” page that says “Create an article now” if you click on this it will take you through the rest of the 6 steps on the wizard.  (REMEMBER: Wikipedia LOVES sources and gives a page with more sources and references higher notability).

10. To begin writing an article, make a Userspace Draft. (there is a link to do this is on the 6th page of the Article Wizard) Type in the name of your article after “Special: MyPage/” in the box available. OR you can enter your article name in the box for “Go Live Now” (this may be easier for some users)

If you would like to see the articles you have worked on or contributed to, after logging in click on “My Contributions” in the top right hand corner to see the pages you have done edits on.

how to create a wikipedia page online

How to create a Wikipedia Page or a Wikipedia Article?

It’s totally worth creating a Wikipedia page, because Google takes special notice of businesses listed on Wikipedia, since Wikipedia screens non-legit and conflict free, non – biased content which is not an advertisement or resume of a particular person or company.

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