Coming to Your Twitter Feed: Ads That Preview Company Websites

Twitter is addressing its promise to surface new sorts of ads in the not so distant future. On Friday Twitter published Website Cards, another commercial ad unit that highlights a little photograph, a line of content, and a URL to a publicist’s site page. Twitter accepts this combo of a picture and a call to […]

Twitter Now Running Pre-Roll Ads

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Twitter’s post-IPO monetization quest continues with a new unit that runs ads from American Express before video snippets from Fox programming. The brand will run such ads before videos from Fox shows including Glee, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and So You Think You Can Dance, among other shows, Jean Rossi, EVP of sales for Fox Broadcasting, told […]

Twitter Dethrones Facebook as Teens’ Favorite Social Network for Shopping

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Twitter beat out Facebook in the battle for teenagers’ preferred social networks for online shopping. In a recent survey of teens’ retail behavior, participants were asked about their favorite networks, and 26% responded that it was Twitter. Facebook and Instagram each captured the hearts of 23% of survey respondents. Clearly, Instagram’s rising popularity among teens […]

Twitter Updates Embedded Tweets With Richer Photos

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About two months after Facebook introduced embedded posts that include photos, Twitter has upgraded its embeds to better showcase its photos. Twitter, which announced the move on its blog on Thursday, illustrated the upgrade with this Aug. 11 tweet from astronaut Chris Hadfield: Good morning! Perspective – Sunday is a fine day to go for […]

Twitter Unveils Emergency Alert System – Digital Marketing News

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Twitter on Wednesday announced Twitter Alerts, a new system that enables public institutions and NGOs to send out emergency alerts via text message and push notifications in times of crisis. Users can sign up to receive emergency notifications from specific accounts, and will receive a text or push notification when that account sends a tweet […]

Why You Were Added to Twitter Spam Lists – Twitter Marketing

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Over the last few days, Twitter spammers have been urging users to find out Louis Tomlinson’s phone number, hear a leaked version of One Direction’s new album and get a free iPhone. What’s notable is that these spammers weren’t sending tweets or direct messages. Instead, they made use of Twitter’s list function, adding people to […]