Study: 30% of Americans Get Their News on Facebook

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A new study reveals that 30% of Americans get their news on Facebook, and suggests that the social network drives people to media sites who may not have otherwise done so. Of that 30%, more than half — 78% — said they click on news links to media sites after initially logging on for unrelated […]

LinkedIn’s Website Goes Down for Some – Digital News

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LinkedIn suffered a rare service disruption on Wednesday morning, which prevented many users from properly loading the website. The company did not immediately respond to our request for comment on the cause or extent of the outage, but shows there has been a “likely service disruption” for the better part an hour. LinkedIn acknowledged […]

Tailored Tweets, Coming to a Country Near You

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Twitter offers a large target for marketers hoping to drive home a specific message — and its accuracy is improving. A new tool, offered through Twitter’s API, allows marketers to send targeted tweets to specific geographic locations. For example, a brand could send a tweet to followers in the United States and a separate tweet […]

Facebook Average Referral Traffic to Media Sites Up 170% This Year

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Flexing its muscles as a public-facing forum, Facebook reported Monday that the average referral track from Facebook to media sites jumped 170% last year. Facebook also disclosed that from September 2012 to September 2013, Time’s referral traffic rose 208%, BuzzFeed’s increased by 855% and Bleacher Report experienced a boost of 1,081%. Facebook also announced a […]

What Social Media Can (Really) Tell You About Job Applicants

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It’s no secret that employers research job candidates’ social media profiles to help them make hiring decisions. Most employers, however, may have been inaccurately evaluating applicants’ online personas all along: New research has found that employers who quickly dismiss applicants based on unpleasant status updates and incriminating photos from a trip to Vegas may actually […]

4 Best Practices for Social Advertising – Social Media Marketing

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If a tree falls in the forest, it’s debatable that anyone hears it. When your ad fails on Facebook, though, there’s no confusion. It was a dud. A lack of interaction tells the tale. Clearly you paid good money to expose lots of people to this particular piece of content, but most gave it little […]

Facebook Radically Simplifies Ad Buying

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Facebook ad buyers have cause to celebrate: On Tuesday, the social network unveiled a major overhaul of both its basic ad-buying platform, Ads Manager, and its more sophisticated offering, Power Editor, both of which now boast a more streamlined interface. Those who have used Ads Manager and Power Editor in the past know that neither […]

Facebook Improves Tools for Measuring Brand Pages

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Facebook is making it easier for brand marketers to gather insight and engagement metrics surrounding their Facebook pages. On Wednesday, the social network released a new version of Page Insights, a dashboard that allows page managers to monitor traffic and engagement. The tool’s newest version breaks down engagement metrics into individual tabs, such as check-ins, […]

Do Social Media Referrals Have A Future In Your Business?

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Social media referrals are living on the edge – or at least they are somewhere near according to a Monetate’s data for the first quarter. The analysis shows that search optimization and email continues to bring in most referrals, while social media is the ‘last-click channel of attribution’. Some businesses say otherwise. Wixon Jewelers Online […]

How to Optimize Your Profile Photos Across Social Media

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Choosing your social media profile photos is an important task. They represent the physical you in the online world, while providing an all-important first impression to anyone viewing your profile. In order to make the most of the available space, we took a look at how you can optimize your avatars and cover photos on […]