ChatGPT is a chatbot with artificial intelligence that can follow instructions and complete activities like essay writing. It may converse with people in a conversational fashion using artificial intelligence (AI) and vast amounts of data, responding to follow-up inquiries, admitting errors, declining unsuitable requests, and even refuting false premises.

But before choosing to use ChatGPT for an SEO project or digital marketing, it’s crucial to be aware of its limitations. The major drawback is the incapability of ChatGPT to produce correct data. Because the algorithm only predicts what words must come after the preceding word in a phrase in a paragraph on a particular topic, it is erroneous. It doesn’t care about being accurate. Anyone who is interested in producing high-quality content should pay special attention to that.

This may seem a little terrifying to an SEO expert. However, it would be wise to embrace AI technology instead of being concerned about it.


There are various ways you can employ it to organize your work and increase the effectiveness of repetitive or redundant jobs.

Let’s examine how modern SEO experts are already utilizing ChatGPT.

  1. Content Creation

Usability is harmed by grammar and spelling mistakes, which often reflect poorly on brands. Strong grammar checkers like Grammarly are a must-have for authors and editors. However, AI technologies focus on more than just grammar and spelling. They are able to rearrange, summarize, add highlights, and even recommend subheadings for an article.

  1. Generate meta descriptions

For organic rankings, Google disregards meta descriptions. But the search-result snippets do include those descriptions. Therefore, ensuring that every page has a meta description aids in limiting the visibility of snippets and subsequent click-throughs. As the algorithm overlooks it, using AI to construct a page description can save time and is probably not against Google standards.

Ask ChatGPT to provide a one- or two-sentence summary of a page. A preliminary meta-description is the outcome. Then modify it and add keywords, which are displayed in bold type in search engine snippets.

  1. Prioritize Keywords based on the Intent.

While ranking articles in organic results, Google makes an effort to comprehend the searcher’s Intent. But it’s frequently ambiguous. For instance, the search purpose for “nutritious meals” may be for eating establishments, ideas for dinner at home, or organic supermarkets. Depending on the goal, SEO keywords can vary. To manually generate those words and phrases can take a lot of time and work.

This task can be swiftly and efficiently handled via ChatGPT. Ask ChatGPT to arrange a list of potential keywords by search intent after copying and pasting the list. The tool performs less accurately on lengthy lists. Therefore, you might need to divide the list into sections.

  1. Create ideas for titles.

Making clickable title tags can be difficult. AI programs are capable of brainstorming without much guidance or when given a specific task, such as creating “how to” information.

  1. Schema code generation

A web page’s markup aids Google in understanding it. Rich snippets in the organic search results are made more accessible by it. Many Schema generators are available, but ChatGPT is one of the finest because it requires less training and saves time. Request a specific Schema code by simply copying and pasting the content into the tool. Additionally, the program can produce CSS, HTML, and other sorts of code.


Publishers should be aware of ChatGPT’s flaws despite the fact that it’s simple to become overly enthusiastic about it and its outstanding applications. When utilized improperly, relying solely on this technology for SEO can be dangerous and result in penalties.

  1. Current affairs are unclear

The fact that ChatGPT’s data needs to be updated and relies on occurrences from before 2021 is one of its main drawbacks. Therefore, you must utilize an alternative solution if you wish to employ a chatbot to provide factual material about the most recent occurrences. The features of ChatGPT can also be enhanced by adding apps that help it accept voice instructions and produce graphics.

  1. Can be unreliable and prejudiced

It’s important to remember that ChatGPT is only sometimes correct and cannot completely replace human intellect. There is no way to stop the chatbot from giving inaccurate or misleading facts, so you should pay closer attention.

Due to the fact that it was originally trained using a dataset that is rarely free from dataset bias, another drawback is that it displays preconceptions. If people take these prejudices and false information for granted, it can immediately become a source of misunderstanding.

Even while AI information is often well-written and useful, it lacks the depth and perspective necessary to be of a high caliber and distinction.

  1. ChatGPT-produced material can be recognized

The sophistication of Google’s algorithms has led to the detection of information produced by artificial intelligence. The technology replicates and states information that has previously been made available to the public because it was programmed using a variety of articles, websites, and books.

The problem is that using AI-generated material violates Google’s standards, which are now even more crucial following the launch of Helpful Content Update. Your SEO will undoubtedly suffer if the algorithms discover that you are employing auto-generated material.


Open AI developed ChatGPT, a potent language model, to produce language that sounds human. It can swiftly and interactively respond to queries based on the massive volumes of learned data. By presenting fresh strategies for boosting effectiveness, such as SEO and digital marketing, ChatGPT has quickly influenced various industries.

Realizing that the chatbot is not human and cannot coexist with human intelligence is crucial. This and all other AI-based innovations should be seen as facilitators and assistants rather than as a replacement for people.

ChatGPT’s amazing qualities can be paired with human abilities to boost efficiency and save time.

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