Why is Office 365 better than Google G suite?

Office 365 better than Google G suite

The popular topic trending in the techno market is which is better among the two productivity suites, Office 365 or Google Apps, for work.

Whether to use Google’s G-Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365 is frequently one of the principal decisions any new business has to make when moving to the cloud. The choice of the cloud platform depends upon the size, anticipated growth, and technical requirements of the company. The most significant factors to be considered incorporate security, functionality, usefulness, collaboration, and integration.

The selection of the best platform relies upon the current technology requirement and simplicity in adoption, your workers’ preferences, and the cost to acquire the features needed by the organization. The points to comprehend here are the features and functionalities of these two cloud platform giants, making them the strongest contenders in the field.

At this zoom level, both the cloud platforms may sound interchangeable. Most businesses consider randomly picking a choice, which is not a good decision. There are strong contrasts that decide why to migrate Gmail to Office 365 is better for your association.


G Suite and Office 365 software platforms can easily customize their security rules to oversee user access and permissions. Microsoft and Google additionally constantly update their cloud suites, keeping them secure. One minor benefit of Office 365 over G Suite is multi-factor authentication, though G Suite has only two-factor authentication.

G Suite’s most terrible security shortcoming is the platform’s comfort: its extensive connection with third-party applications and extensions makes it a security hazard due to the permissions it permits its users to give. On the other hand, end-users will not discover numerous preconfigured things to utilize Office 365 as a login.


Even though Office 365 and G Suite are viable with most other cloud services, G Suite experiences a more significant number of issues than Office 365 regarding integration. A typical problem when utilizing Gmail is keeping up with format design when using third-party applications.

Some operating systems like Linux don’t have an official client for Google Drive, and a similar issue emerges for programs that don’t pay Google’s licensing. These issues do not arise with Office 365, which is why it is the standard platform for countless huge organizations.


Office 365 predominantly wins as far as usefulness. SharePoint has a variety of utilizations, from Workflow, which automates numerous business processes, to dashboards that track an association’s KPIs. These features of SharePoint are perceptibly missing on Google Workspace. In Microsoft Office 365, Excel has many data visualization features, a powerful capability for taking care of large data entries, and various mathematical equations for advanced calculations. Also, Word’s heap of ribbons and toolbars offers users many features that Google Docs essentially doesn’t have. Sheets and Google Docs are more restricted in scope, intended for more fundamental use, and generally used by smaller businesses.

Pricing and Plans

G Suite comes with three plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise. The basic plan accompanies 30GB of capacity on Google Drive, video and voice call with up to 100 members, and a free custom space at a month-to-month cost. The business plan incorporates each component from Basic, however, with 1TB of capacity per user with Google Drive. The number of participants for calls is expanded to 150. Enterprise is G Suite’s most rewarding arrangement with S/MIME-based email encryption and up to 250 members in a voice or video call at a time. This arrangement likewise offers plenty of extra features, including improved administrator controls, hardware security keys, and data loss protection.

Whereas Office 365 it requires a yearly subscription on each of its plans. The plans available for various small and medium organizations incorporate Basic, Apps, Standard, and Premium. These plans offer the differing amount of storage and cost. For Enterprise, Office 365 has the E1, E3, and E5 plans for users. The main distinction between the Enterprise and Business plans is that the Business plans are restricted to a simple 300 users though Enterprise memberships come with unlimited client support. They additionally accompany increased mailbox storage, eDiscovery, improved threat protection, and cloud security dependent on the plan you choose.

G Suite is a well-planned, nicely designed, and functional platform. It’s not difficult to utilize and has comparable features to those presented in Office 365. However, they are fundamental when compared to Office 365. For organizations searching for a platform with great features, robust, proficient, and customizable programming suite available in the tech industry, Office 365 is an excellent option.

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