Why business should use G suite – Google apps for Work ?

The Google Apps for work is a great way for business to compete with its competitor, The G Suite – Google Apps for work is a cloud based productivity solution and the packages offers the readily accessible tools for the daily tasks of the business. It is one of the best available business email hosting platform and a complete business suite which offers wide range of productivity tools like Hangout, Sheets, Docs, File Storage, Backup, calendar etc. The Google Apps for work offers various features for the business which makes it the first choice for every businesses.

Some reasons why businesses prefers using Google Apps for work :

  • Outstanding price Ratio:

The Google Apps for Work includes the widely required apps like Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, and Docs for the work. Each app is available freely but the Google apps for the work come up with the additional feature and pricing. It comes with the possibility of adding unlimited user accounts with the storage of 30 GB per mailbox, a custom email address, 24/7 support, and complete network uptime.

The Google Apps for Work is priced at Rs. 1500 per user per year ( being the top reseller, Digitrock offers same at Rs. 1200 per user per Year ). This low pricing of G Suite makes it a perfect email hosting solution for the businesses who are highly conscious for the budget, security, compliance, and storage.

  • Share the Documents Easily:

With the Google apps for work, you can easily share any kind of the document with your team when you are on same Google account. Such that if you want to give the view access only to the clients it is easy to do that within a few clicks.

  • Group Email Addresses:

With this one can create the group email addresses and there is no additional cost for it. You can add as many as you want.

  • Multiple Email Aliases:

With one domain you can create the multiple email aliases. Whether the email is created with different aliases when the email comes up it goes up to the same inbox only.

  • File storage:

In standard Google account a user gets 15 GB only. But, the business emailbox in Google Apps provides more file storage which is about 30 GB per user. It can be increased by paying few bucks.

  • 2 Step Verification Security

The Google apps offer an important layer of the security for its users. This security layer is known as the 2 step verification. This 2 step verification is foremost important if you use the Drive of Google as the backup option for the company PC or Mac. As you are not always aware which sensitive information gets synchronized?

  • Integration of CRM:

Whether you have a small business or a big organization, at a point of time you need to invest in the CRM system for tracking the leads, prospects, customers and more. The Google apps also offer the CRM system which you can use for the sales force.

  • Branded User Interface:

Google App for Work offers branding options through which you can use your own company logo instead of Google.

  • Complete Support: 

The Google apps for the work offer the support of chat 24/7 to the user who has taken the additional features by buying it.

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