How to get more views on Youtube ?

Not getting as much views, likes & subscribers on your YouTube videos as you’d expect? Well there are around hundreds of millions of videos uploaded daily on YouTube to give you tough competition. And if you are one of the YouTube creator or brand struggling to get more view on your video then surly some questions might be going on in your mind like – How to get more views on YouTube ? or how to get more subscribers on YouTube channel ? or How to grow YouTube channel ? Well we have answers to your questions and some solutions for you and we are very much sure that you will be satisfy enough after reading this article.

With over one billion unique visitors per month on Youtube, there is a great potential for every video which is uploaded. Whether it’s a prank video or a product review or a cover song. YouTube had made lots of people celebrity and today known as YouTube stars like PewDiePie, BBKiVines, Lily Singh earning millions of dollors monthly.

With lots of upcoming YouTube stars on the rise, it is definitely a best platform to be considered by everyone looking for publicity or marketing.

Content Strategy :

  1. Create Engaging Content : Create videos that are engaging, entertaining & informative. Make sure your video retains the engagement for the entire duration of the video. Losing the hook in the middle of video will cost you a lot of viewers.
  2. Create Evergreen Videos (Hero, Hub & Help ) : You should create evergreen videos. Evergreen videos will get you the archived views and will remain relevant irrespective of time.
  3. Upload Frequency : Release your videos in a timely and structured fashion like One or two video a week or a video every Thursday.

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Channel & Video Optimization :

  1. Use the keyword in the title
  2. Use Google Adwords to find what people are searching
  3. Don’t make the video title long
  4. Use Catchy, Relative, Descriptive & Engaging title & Description
  5. Use Relevant Tags & Avoid excessive tags
  6. Use Catchy Video Thumbnails – Most videos get clicked because of attractive Thumbnails
  7. Create Custom Channel Trailer
  8. Use Relevant Cards
  9. Make Playlists
  10. Fill About section will proper details – about your channel, your story, social media links.
  11. Create custom channel url.
  12. Use Intro & Outro Video
  13. Cross Promotion on Social Media
  14. Write Blogs / Guest Blogging

Use Marketing Tools for YouTube Chanel Management:

There are a lot of great YouTube channel & video marketing tools available. These tools help you to promote your videos, automate cards,  annotations and creating thumbnails. Using the best tools will help you in increasing organic channel viewership & subscribers. And if you are really a serious YouTube then you should not avoid the best marketing tool Tubebuddy, Which we suggest to everyone who want to become the next YouTube star.

What Is Tubebuddy ?

TubeBuddy is a great YouTube video marketing & channel management tool, the best growth hacking tool for every YouTube video creator & marketers. it’s also a one of best seo & youtube channel management tool for YouTube available for creators. Click the below banner to signup with the Starter account free of cost.

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How Tubebuddy can help in increasing Views on Video ?

Well tubebuddy is a free browser extension which can integrate with your YouTube Channel from where you can easily manage your Youtube Channel. TubeBuddy will help you find lots of more potential viewers, make more money, and automate your entire YouTube channel management process.

Buy Youtube Views :

One another great way is to buy YouTube views . While many people consider this method shady, but it’s undeniably been one of the most popular ways to get more views on YouTube and going viral. Its been the one of the secret behind the success of famous Youtubers, celebrities to get fame and publicity and even big companies have been known to do it, so why can’t you?

There are thousands of sellers that sell YouTube Views, but the cold hard fact is, most of them use bots or other cheap methods of acquiring fake views (the ones you need to avoid). While Digitrock is the social media marketing agency trusted by 1000s of YouTubers & brands, which actually promote your videos to real people through websites and social media accounts.

Collaborate with other Youtubers :

A awesome way of getting more views from other YouTube channels. Find out some similar or related youtubers and collaborate with them. If you are a prankster then collaborate with other pranksters doing well on YouTube. The point is finding a partner channel and promoting each other’s channel on mutual terms & conditions.

Keep on experimenting as creating something valuable on YouTube takes time, efforts and a long-term commitment. But with patience and correct process you can achieve what you want.

Using some other strategies to build audience on YouTube ? Share your thoughts on how to build YouTube subscribers & viewership with the YouTube community in the comments box below and help each other grow.

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