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Report: 44% of Registered Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

Twitter power users are rare birds, according to a new report.

Twopcharts, a site that monitors web activity, found that 44% of Twitter’s 974 million registered users have never tweeted, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some 30% of existing Twitter accounts have sent 10 or fewer tweets, and just 13% of registered accounts have tweeted more than 100 times. Twopcharts is unable to discern whether users have logged onto their accounts. Its report is based on users’ activity.

The report, which was released Friday, comes after Twitter disclosed in February that it had 244 million active monthly users in the last three months of 2013, meaning about 730 million people have created accounts on the site, but are not active on a monthly basis.

Twopcharts has previously reported that of the 284.4 million new accounts in 2013, only 12.9% were still tweeting in February 2014.

Realizing that some new users find its experience hard to navigate, Twitter has introduced enhancements lately including restyled, Facebook-like user profile pages and pop-up notifications on its website.

For Twitter, increasing engagement helps fight churn, since active users are less likely to abandon the service. Tweeting, favoriting and resharing also help Twitter to target ads for users since by taking such actions, the users indicate their preferences and interests.

The report comes as Twitter’s stock price is flirting with its all-time low. At this writing, the stock was hovering around $40 in early trading. The stock has traded for as low as $38.80.

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